Michael Sam Gets His First Job Offer: With WWE Raw

  • Rick Chandler

Well, Michael Sam is now officially a sideshow. At least the producers of WWE Raw think so, as they’ve extended the ex-St. Louis rams prospect a rather awkward and insulting invitation into the world of pro wrestling.

WWE Raw tapes in Baltimore on Friday, and there’s no word so far on any response to the invite by Sam or his representative.

Sam, the first openly-gay player to be taken in the NFL Draft, was cut by the Rams last week despite a very good preseason. But he may be seen as too one-dimensional by many teams, which could be a reason he hasn’t been chosen. As a DE, Sam is a good pass rusher, but may be much weaker in drop-back coverage and on special teams. Others have their theories as well, though:

Half of all NFL teams have already filled their practice squad rosters, according to Business Insider. There may be in fact only about 14 sports remaining in all of the league, and those will likely be filled with versatile players who can play special teams.

Did intense media coverage play a large part in this? Some say that ESPN in particular — including an awful “report” on Sam’s showering habits — may have played a large part in his being unemployed right now.

If so, that’s a shame. And it puts Sam’s situation in pretty much the same boat as Tim Tebow’s — except that Tebow of course initially got a chance in the NFL.

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