Michael Sam Sacked Johnny Manziel, Then Gave The Money Sign: And Somehow The World Didn't End

  • Rick Chandler

Of course it only happened a few hours ago, so the Internet may yet explode, killing us all: kind of like what happened to the dinosaurs. But for now at least, we’re safe.

Rams fans have heard time and again how it’s going to be an uphill battle for Michael Sam to make the final roster, seeing that St. Louis is so deep on the defensive line. So Sam — who made headlines by being the first openly gay NFL player back in the draft — did what he had to do. He made more headlines.

Sam sacked the other big NFL story so far this season, Cleveland’s Johnny Manziel, during the third quarter of their exhibition game Saturday night. Then he taunted his fellow rookie by making the patented Manziel money sign. That’ll get social media talking about you.

Hmm, nope. All we’ve got is this:

Anyway, whether the sack helps Sam earn a spot on the team is yet to be seen. He’s got two sacks in preseason so far, and it’s still going to be a rough slog. But if the Rams do let him go, expect him to catch on with another team. Perhaps … the Browns?