#WaitWhat? Michael Strahan Laughs At A Rape Joke On Twitter

  • Dan Fogarty

Michael Strahan likes to laugh; it’s part of what makes him so affable and endearing as a TV Analyst on Fox NFL Sundays. Unfortunately, the same quality that made him a standout personality on Fox may also get him into some hot water on Twitter.

Strahan is one of those celebrity Twitter users who often responds to his fans – it’s part of the reason he has such a high number of followers. But in responding to one of them, and subsequently laughing at that user’s joke, he showed an incredible lapse in judgment.

Here’s the tweet:

I’m personally a big fan of Strahan’s, and think he does a great job on Sundays. But laughing at something like that just isn’t very smart – especially when 391,579 people will see it.