Video: Michael Vick Points To Scoreboard, Spits Up Blood In Atlanta Return

  • Glenn Davis

In a criminally-underplayed storyline from last night’s Eagles-Falcons game, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick made his return to Atlanta as a visiting player. Atlanta fans fully embraced Vick during his days withe the Falcons, but as you might remember, his tenure with the team didn’t end so well. And unfortunately for Vick, his return didn’t go so well either. Vick made several impressive plays like he always does, but also threw and interception and fumbled three times, losing two. Oh, and he had to leave the game after suffering a concussion. Is it any wonder the Philadelphia Daily News‘ front page this morning looked like this?

The spitting that you see both referenced in the headline and happening in the photo was noteworthy because it appeared that Vick was spitting up blood as he walked off the field. According to the Eagles, the bleeding was just because Vick bit his tongue – still, not what you want to see your franchise quarterback doing. And as for that warm welcome Vick was supposed to get from the fans who once adored him so? Not exactly. When Vick exited the game, he heard no small number of boos:

Unfortunately for Vick, even the “scoreboard” taunt (justified at the time) went wrong eventually: the Falcons came back to win the game, 35-31.

[h/t Quickish, photo via Newseum]