Michael Vick Now Has A Dog Somehow

  • Joe Levine

What happens when you are finally released from prison for funding a dog fighting ring? If you’re Michael Vick, you get paid hundreds of millions of dollars to play football and immediately get a new dog.

Vick signed 6-year $100-million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2010, just a year removed from being released from prison. As much as that’s infuriating (I’m an upstanding citizen who has never laid a finger, or a hook, on a sweet pup, where’s my $100 million?), that’s not news.

What is news is that he tweeted a picture yesterday of himself and his daughter working at the dinner table with a box of Milk-Bones sitting out.

Considering most of us don’t buy dog food without actually owning a dog, you can guess what this probably means.

Vick immediately deleted the picture from his account and posted a new one sans Milk-Bones, but it’s 2012, so everyone had already saved the original.

To be fair, Vick has paid his debt to society. He’s presumably reformed. He has every right to get a new dog if he wants to. Still, there’s something dirty about a man who has served time for abusing dogs being able to get a new dog, right?

[Crossing Broad, via Larry Brown Sports]