Report: Michael Vick Will Go On Oprah, Apologize “To Soccer Moms Of America”

  • Dan Fogarty

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will apparently be going on Oprah to “receive the ultimate celebrity validation” and successfully complete his redemption tour after going to prison on dog-fighting charges. Winfrey reportedly beat out CNN’s Piers Morgan for the right to interview Vick.

The news comes courtesy of Fox 29 in Philadelphia. Reporter Jenn Frederick was talking to a podiatrist (Dr. Lee Cohen) who works with Unequal Technologies, which is the company that Vick endorses. Cohen revealed that he will be a part of a taping for Oprah which will feature Vick, and occur of February 22nd.

Deadspin’s Drew Magary believes that the choice to go on Oprah is Vick’s to make, but still finds the whole process (of celebrities going on Winfrey’s show to seek public forgiveness, then becoming besties with her) a bit unsettling:

While I’m of the mind that Vick paid his debts and can do as he likes, there’s something creepy about the way Oprah “christens” famous people and makes them her superfriends for life. I feel like I’m watching some sort of bizarre baptism in water that is very, very shallow.

Watch video of the Fox 29 report below (the first 30 seconds is the only part that matters):