Might Not Get To Watch Him This Season, So Let's Enjoy Some Braxton Miller Highlights

  • Joe Polito

The news out of Columbus is bad. Like, season-ending bad. Here’s what The Columbus Dispatch reported late Monday about Ohio State’s standout quarterback:

Ohio State senior quarterback Braxton Miller, considered by several polls to be among the preseason leaders to make a run at the Heisman Trophy, reinjured his right shoulder in practice this afternoon, sources told The Dispatch. The injury puts in jeopardy his playing status for the coming season.

No matter who you root for in college football, this is terrible news. Nothing has been confirmed, and we don’t even know the specific nature of the injury, but it would be just awful if Miller for some reason missed the first season of the playoff era.

I’m a big-time Buckeye hater, but the season would be a lot less exciting without Miller’s unique brand of open-field improvisation. He’s not your typical rangy, striding runner like Cam Newton. Rather, his mobility comes from his amazing footwork and quick fakes.

I was at this game down in Miami, and watching Miller go TD for TD with Tajh Boyd, Sammy Watkins and the rest of the Clemson offense was so much fun. He escapes the pocket, darts down the sideline, freezes a would-be-tackler with a stutter step, but still has the quickness to chop his feet and lower his shoulder into the end zone.

One of the big reasons I dislike Ohio State these days is Urban Meyer. His gimmicky offenses rely so heavily on spectacular playmakers like Braxton. It takes a special player to score a 56-yard TD on a QB draw. This kind of plant-and-go shouldn’t even be possible for a quarterback.

And though he makes most of his plays with his legs, sometimes that crafty footwork leads to pretty spectacular passes like this heave-ho against Wisconsin.

Nobody’s happy about this injury. Hopefully, it’s not as serious as initial reports would have you believe. God speed, Braxton.