Mike Florio Of ProFootballTalk Is Actively Trying To Set The Internet On Fire By Demanding That Football Players Skip Their Child’s Birth For Football

  • Dylan Murphy

This isn’t even about how you feel about this issue. Yes, we live in a time when pregnancies can be planned, especially by athletes with money. But accidental pregnancies do happen, and not everyone wants their child to enter the world through a planned C-section. No matter the precaution, sometimes NFL players will have a child born on or around a Sunday during football season. And most players, being fathers of said children, would rather give up one game of football for the birth of their child.

But we’re not here to argue the semantics of this issue. You can go do that over at ProFootballTalk, where Mike Florio has consciously decided to rile up the depths of the internet with this conversation. Though it’s clearly a plug for PFT Live, where you get to stare at Florio’s mug preaching from a cozy office, he should realize that he’s inviting the hatred of the internet by taking up such a volatile position. Everyone loves jumping on their moral high horse and commanding from a righteous perch.

All of this, by the way, stems from Bears CB Charles Tillman’s public announcement that could miss Sunday night’s game against the Houston Texans if his wife is in labor.