Mike Francesa Blasts Rex Ryan: “I Just Wanted To Mention That Book Is A Flop”

  • Dan Fogarty

Titan of New York sports radio and fan of silence Mike Francesa took some time out from his afternoon radio show on WFAN to take a bit of a victory lap.

During a self-congratulatory monologue that was occasionally interrupted by phone calls from listeners, Francesa touched on everything from his continued success (“The other competition is changing their lineup against me for the fawtieth time!”) to his humble beginnings (“[I] grew up… dirt poor”).

But Francesa’s most memorable comments were left for New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and longtime media nemesis Phil Mushnick.

Francesa, whose frustration with the Jets coach for skipping his show was likely exacerbated by the fact that Ryan did a ton of shows that weren’t his, dubbed Ryan’s new book a “flop” (it’s currently 110th on Amazon). As for Mushnick, who recently characterized Francesa’s style as a “dishonest, arrogant, egocentric, know-it-all condition,” Francesa said, “my audience is bigger than his.” Oh, snap.

[Jimmy Traina]