Mike Francesa Couldn’t Count To Four, Forgot To Award Someone A Trip To The Super Bowl

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Every year during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, Mike Francesa holds a trivia contest. Callers who participate must correctly answer four Super-Bowl-related questions in a row — one of them usually being an audio clip wherein you must identify of a player or coach speaking at a Super Bowl Media Day — and if they do so, they win a trip to the big game. Chris from New Haven did just that, except Mike didn’t know right away.

Because the caller went on and on about who the first Super-Bowl-coach-turned-Super-Bowl-broadcaster was (it was Hank Stram on TV and radio, according to a very frustrated Francesa), Mike lost count of how many questions he had asked. He got to the audio question, believing it to be the fourth question. However, it was the fifth. Chris got the previous four correct and had earned a trip to the Super Bowl.

Francesa actually did have a fair-and-square winner two callers after Chris, and was shocked and dismayed at having to give away one more trip than he wanted, based on the three-minute rant that ensued (gotta fill five-and-a-half hours somehow, amirite?).