Mike Francesa Thinks The Jets Should Play Gary Kubiak At Quarterback

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The New York Jets lost and Geno Smith played a horrible game last week, which means the local NY media creates a QB “controversy” calling for Matt Simms, Brett Favre, Tim Tebow or whomever else can semi-logically fit into a narrative… despite the fact that there’s no chance Rex Ryan is benching Geno Smith at the moment.

Alas, Mike Francesa addressed the Jets’ quarterback situation on WFAN, and then, talking about their options for next year, he brought up the possibility of the Texans letting Gary Kubiak go (he was right about that, I guess).

“Is Kubiak better than what you have? Abso-LUTE-ly.”

Geno Smith has been quite bad, but he likely would be better than an awful coach at playing quarterback. Then again, who knows?

(We assume he meant to say Matt Schaub. Classic Francesa. Old-ish people say the darndest things.)