The Jets’ Tim Tebow Deal Has Already Made Mike Francesa Flip Out On A Caller

  • Glenn Davis

Pretty much everyone had strong feelings one way or another about the news that the Jets traded for Tim Tebow. One of those people with strong feelings: New York sports talk radio host of note Mike Francesa. As he so often is on Jets-related matters, Francesa was quick to rip the deal, calling the move a “colossal disaster” for a “three-ring circus” of a franchise. You know, the usual. Later, though, Francesa took a call from a Jets fan listener. That listener wasn’t happy. He let him know it. And as Francesa is wont to do, he let that listener have it right back. The result was tremendous. Here it is, captured by SI’s Jimmy Traina:

Naturally, the Twitter feed of @MikeFrancesaNY blew up in short order. This clip has it all – a classic Francesa rant and a caller you don’t have to feel bad for because, let’s face it, the guy had it coming. You have to know what you’re in for when you provoke Francesa like that (even when you’re not necessarily wrong – time will tell if Francesa was premature in dumping all over this deal).

Seriously: “DON’T CAWL ME NAMES,” “NOBODY OFFUHD A THREE,” “They should have as many numbah one finishes as I have” – this is a vintage Francesa performance, and this is coming from someone who isn’t even a fan of the guy. And it’s undoubtedly a preview of what’s to come: people are going to be losing their minds over this deal for a long time, and as much as Francesa might act outraged by it, he has to be loving this. Nothing could be better for him. Because when fans go crazy, he gets to go crazy. And when he goes crazy, we’re all winners.