Mike Holmgren Would Return To Coaching For The Cowboys For Some Reason

  • Joe Levine

Former Super Bowl head coach Mike Holmgren has not coached in the NFL since leaving the Seattle Seahawks in 2008, but according to ESPN’s Ed werder, he would return if the Dallas Cowboys wanted him.

Holmgren is currently serving as president of the Cleveland Browns, though it’s already been announced that he will leave the team after this season. Unsurprisingly, the Browns have not rallied around him and currently sit at 2-7 in the standings.

Not that a return to coaching the Cowboys would be much of an improvement for Holmgren. Despite the yearly expectations that Dallas will be a Super Bowl contender, the Cowboys again find themselves at 4-5 and in the midst of another mediocre season despite having all of their talent and coaching staff hand-picked by renowned-football-man-in-his-own-mind Jerry Jones. Who would’ve thought that the guy who fired Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson, and drove Bill Parcells out of town, wouldn’t know how to put together a winning football team?

So what do you think? Would Holmgren be a strong enough presence to not only right the ship, but also keep perennial iceberg/owner Jerry Jones from sinking it? Or is he better off enjoying retirement and maybe playing Madden on “coach” mode?

[Pro Football Talk]