Announcer Mike Mayock Singing “Play That Funky Music” During A Play Is The Most Preseason Thing Ever

  • Glenn Davis

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but: pro football’s back, sort of! Last night, we got our first glimpse of competitive 2012 NFL action, replacement refs (who by all accounts looked very replacement-y)… and the post-Bountygate, Sean-Payton-less Saints. The Saints won 17-10, but there’s only so much one can take away from that, since it’s the preseason and Drew Brees threw five passes (completing four of them for 41 yards, for what it’s worth) before exiting for the night.

That’s usually the most important takeaway in any preseason game, really: it’s the preseason. Don’t get too excited when things go well, and don’t get too worried when they don’t. Nobody cares all that much just yet – not even the announcers calling the games. Proof of that could be found in the fourth quarter, when teams all but bring fans out of the stands to play. Brees had, of course, long been on the sidelines at that point, with nothing much to do except drink some Gatorade and dance along when “Play that Funky Music” came on over the PA system. And because it’s the preseason, analyst Mike Mayock decided he’d join in, even after the music stopped:

“Can you tell there’s 8:22 left in the first game of the season?” We could, but Mayock’s reminder is appreciated all the same.

[h/t Arthur]

Vido by CJ Fogler.