John Harbaugh Just Wouldn’t Let Mike Tomlin Run Away From The Postgame Coach Handshake

  • Dylan Murphy

When the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Baltimore Ravens 23-20 last night, M & T Bank Stadium was in a state of shock. The Ravens squandered an opportunity both to put a stranglehold on the division by pushing their record to 10-2 and damage Pittsburgh’s playoff hopes. But football is hardly logical, so the Steelers, on the road and with Charlie Batch, won on the game’s final play with a field goal.

Mike Tomlin, in particular, was incredulous. So much so that he tried to run off the field as the game ended fearing the outcome would be reversed and order restored to the universe. Kind of like what every NBA player used to do on last-second shots. But John Harbaugh, gracious competitor that he is, grabbed Tomlin’s arm to offer a proper “congratulations” as he tried to scoot away. Then, gold.

In case you can’t quite hear the specifics of the exchange, we’ve kindly transcribed it for you below:

Harbaugh: “Fuck, I can’t believe he beat me with Charlie Batch.”

Tomlin: “Fuck, I can’t believe I beat him with Charlie Batch.”