A Cameraman With A Football Truck Sticked A Female Reporter On Live Television

  • Dylan Murphy

The woman with the microphone in the Jared Allen jersey there, that’s Lee Valsvik of KARE-TV in Minnesota, a local NBC affliate. She was teasing her appearance at Union Restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Saturday’s Packers-Vikings NFC Wild Card game – during which, by the way, the executive chef of the restaurant was going to grill her a delicious salmon with a red wine ox tail sauce – when the broadcast slightly veered off script.

She was standing there with the restaurant’s mixologist and encouraged him to toss around the old pigskin which she had just handed him. So he did, throwing a nice spiral to one of the cameramen. And he took off running, hard – a bit Toby Gerhart-like, actually – straight at the camera. The tables and restaurant bar formed a nice running lane which he barreled through, but Valsvik was waiting for him in the hole – unintentionally, but it’s all about yards after contact anyway. So he truck sticked the poor reporter, sending her spinning to the ground and taking some dishes with her.

She does yell “I’m OK!” from the ground, so that’s good at least.