MOCKING MOCK DRAFTS: Our Non-Expert And Some Spanish Dude Vs. Mel Kiper And Todd McShay

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Mock drafts are fun, but mock drafts are stupid. The “experts” do not get virtually any picks right, try as they may.

So, last year, I did my own mock draft, with a 30 minute time limit, no sources and no mock drafts to draw from, because I don’t read mock drafts, because they are stupid. More importantly, I included a random Polish guy who did one of his own.

Sadly, Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay won the contest. But they also cheated* and only got 15 correct picks, combined, so I think I proved my point. Even the most-successful are not very successful, because of the inanity of mock drafting. Also, Polish guy and I did beat Bleacher Report’s “expert” Matt Miller, who was shut out.

The point is not that these people are bad at their jobs. The point is that mock drafts are purely for fun and have minimal predictive value.

The Polish guy appears to have disappered after his shockingly-poor performance, so I have enlisted a Spanish man named “Bucky Brooks.”

Here is my draft, complete with many attempts at Name Jokes. Sorry.


Here’s McShay’s mock. Here’s Kiper’s. Those are the ones being graded because they suck and change theirs 100 times in the next two days. Here’s Miller’s. Here’s Spanish Dude’s.

The odds (set by myself):

Todd McShay, ESPN, +150
Mel Kiper, ESPN, +150
Matt Miller, Bleacher Report, +300
Spaniard, Spain, +850
Matt Rudnitsky, SportsGrid, +1000

Good luck, gentlemen. And may the luckiest, least prepared man, win. Results and self-deprecation to come, Friday.