More Mark Sanchez Hater Fodder: Sanchez Fumbles Off His Head

  • Joe Levine

Every week, Mark Sanchez does something new and more unusual that serves as new material for the haters and Tim Tebow fans. This week was no exception.

Nevermind that Sanchez is already having a horrible first half, connecting on just 7 of 14 passes for 72 yards to go with three sacks, or that the Jets are already losing to the Miami Dolphins 20-0.

No, Sanchez’s moment of the game thus far is this amazing fumble that includes the ball popping out of his hands and bouncing off his head.

Mark Sanchez

The icing on the cake: watch as Sanchez looks all around for the ball, totally cluedo as to where it could be. So good.

[The Big Lead]