Naturally, Pacman Jones Is Wearing A Neck Brace In His New Mugshot

  • Ben Axelrod

Oft-troubled Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones was arrested last night, and in typical Pacman Jones fashion, he’s wearing a neck brace in his mugshot.

According to, police arrived at a Cincinnati bar to find Jones shouting obscenities while acting disorderly. After being taken outside of the bar, where he was told that he was being placed under arrest, Jones resisted.

As for the neck brace, Jones is apparently recovering from a football related injury, but considering he was already on a short leash with the Bengals thanks to his history of off-the-field issues, it may not matter when he recovers from the injury, as his football career could now be in jeopardy. Then again, they are the Bengals, so a neckbrace mugshot might not be enough to get him released.

[Bengals’ Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones arrested after bar incident]