NaVorro Bowman Suffers Gruesome Knee Injury, Seahawks’ Fans Throw Food At Him As He’s Carted Off

  • Rick Chandler

Because The 12th Man is so very, very classy.

The 49ers’ NaVorro Bowman suffered a horrific-looking injury (it’s a likely ACL tear) during a goal-line stand late in the fourth quarter, as he got his leg bent under him, apparently twisting his knee. He kept possession of a fumble, but Seahawks grabbed it away from him as he lay in pain, and officials awarded the ball to Seattle (such plays are not reviewable, apparently).

The 49ers got it back on another fumble on the following play: actually helping the NFL avoid a major PR disaster.

So Bowman, possibly the best linebacker in the NFL, was carted off the field, his season apparently over … and as he passed the stands, Seahawks’ fans threw food at him.

Video evidence.