Ndamukong Suh Is Not Feeling Those Questions About The Stomp And Car Crash

  • Glenn Davis

Ndamukong Suh’s had a rough couple weeks. First, the stomp and resulting suspension, and then, the car crash that didn’t seem like a huge deal at first…but wait, maybe it actually was. Now, though, Suh’s preparing to return to action this Sunday against the Raiders, and with that impending return comes exposure to media members extremely eager to ask Suh about his troubles. Alas, Suh did not share the same enthusiasm for addressing these topics.

As a matter of fact, Suh seemed to show enthusiasm for avoiding the topics when reporters asked him about them today (which was a whole bunch of times). Explained reporter Jeff Riger, who was on the scene:

Suh ducked the majority of questions headed his way by simply saying, “looking forward to getting back on the field” and “next question.” In fact there was one reporter in specific that Suh would not even accept a question from. On several occasions, Suh plainly ignored the reporter and looked for somebody else issuing an inquiry.

Indeed, so complete was Suh’s avoidance of any topic anyone was interesting in talking about that NESN’s Mike Cole was reminded of a certain NFL coach especially adept at question-dodging. You can see a clip from the Q-and-A (well, the “A” part was more theoretical, in this case) below and judge for yourself, but the whole scene actually reminded us of a different coach: Rex Ryan, when he gave that awkward post-Deadspin-foot-fetish-story presser.

Like Suh, Ryan never raised his voice, but deflected question after slightly-rephrased-but-clearly-trying-to-get-an-answer-on-the-same-subject question, each time with a “response” so similar, so rehearsed, that you pretty quickly gave up on hearing any actual answer, and stuck around mostly to see how weird things would get. Seeing a guy who not long ago could seemingly do no wrong reduced to this? We’re with Larry Brown Sports – “pathetic” is the word. Video below.

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