Whether It Was Intentional Or Not, Ndamukong Suh Kicked Matt Schaub In The Groin

  • Glenn Davis

Wouldn’t be a Lions Thanksgiving game without a controversy over Ndamukong Suh making untoward physical contact with an opponent, right? Apparently we are, because one year after the infamous Packer stomp, he had a… different incident with Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. Last year, despite Suh’s protestations to the contrary, the stomp looked intentional all the way – it just appeared too forceful to be an accident.

This year, it’s different. This looked much less premeditated. Schaub looked to simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time as Suh got up. But however it happened, it happened. Even if he couldn’t have intended to any less, the simple fact is this: Ndamukong Suh kicked Matt Schaub in the nuts.

And regardless of intent, the pain is the same. Some thought it was accidental. Others begged to differ. (And honestly, if the stomp hadn’t happened last year, there’s almost no way anyone would have thought this one was on purpose.) Either way, Suh has to defend himself again from accusations of dirty play – probably a new Thanksgiving tradition he’d rather not deal with.