It’s The Offseason, So Ndamukong Suh Is Saving Lives

  • Dylan Murphy

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is prone to exposing quarterbacks to potential danger. There have been numerous incidents of possibly overboard violence, earning him the unofficial moniker of NFL’s dirtiest player – two years running, in fact. But the offseason is a time for rest and relaxation and non-violence and reality television, so Suh has changed gears.

These days Suh has traded in his pair of brass knuckles for a pair of swim trunks, filming ABC’s new celebrity diving show titled “Splash,” (set to premiere on March 19) along with a slew of other fellow sort-of-celebrities, including Brent-Musburger-ogling-canvas Katherine Webb and comedian Louie Anderson. And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, by the way. But back to Anderson: he was practicing his dives last week when a bout of acute not-in-shapeness swallowed him whole. Unable to pull himself up on the poolside ladder, Anderson kept falling back into the water “again and again.” Then our heroes, Ndamukong Suh and former Olympic diver Greg Louganis, got to work.

Via TMZ:

“We’re told Louie eventually had to be rescued by Suh and divemaster Greg Louganis — who physically lifted the foundering funnyman to the poolside. Louie then sat coughing up water for several seconds.”

We’re unsure as to the exact participation of both Louganis and Suh – whether Louganis did the deep pool diving to rescue the sinking Anderson and Suh the heavy, out-of-pool lifting, or some other combination. But this is a good thing, however it came about, even if some people don’t feel that way.