New England Billboards Count Down To AFC Championship Game/Ray Lewis’ Retirement

  • Joe Levine

Oh, so this is why people hate Boston sports fans.

New England Patriots fans are getting a little too confident about their team’s matchup tomorrow against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game. How confident? They’re advertising the game as Ray Lewis’ retirement party with LED billboards counting down to the event. Makes sense since Ray Lewis plans to retire at the end of the season and the Patriots are favored in the game.

Okay, so the billboards aren’t actually by just some superfan. Clear Channel Outdoor Boston is the company behind them, and according to marketing manager Mike Dobson, this is not a new promotion. They did similar billboards for last year’s Super Bowl and last weekend’s game against the Houston Texans. Given the history between the Ravens and Patriots, you can understand why this billboard got a little more attention.

No word yet as to whether or not Baltimore will quickly put up a billboard advertising Ray Lewis’ actual retirement party or fight fire with fire by advertising Tom Brady’s retirement party tomorrow afternoon. That would probably be more intimidating since Brady has no plans to retire anytime soon.

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