Patriots Fan Power Plays ESPN In Ultimate Act Of DeflateGate Revenge

Patriots Fan Power Plays ESPN In Ultimate Act Of DeflateGate Revenge
  • Tanya Ray Fox

On Sunday, a young Massachussetts man by the name of Adam Markoupolos tweeted out this adorable photo he snapped of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and girlfriend Linda Holliday as they enjoyed a cozy nap on the Nantucket ferry:

You may have seen this photo buzzing around the internet in association with various other boat-related takes from this weekend in the NFL, but that has nothing to do with what I’m about to show you.

Because this is such a valuable snap of a high-profile NFL person enjoying some time on the open water on a day off, ESPN understandably reached out to request permission from Mr. Markopoulos to use the photo on all platforms. This is something that they do often when they want to use Twitter content, so reaching out publicly is no big deal.

I mean, who says no to ESPN, right?


This is the Twitter equivalent of that thing Russell Westbrook does when he jumps 10 feet in the air and dunks on someone with his nuts in their face.

“ESPN did DeflateGate” is the new “Bush did 9/11” only in this case, it’s actually true.

Whether they intended to or not, ESPN played an integral role in perpetuating the agenda of the NFL in the witch hunt that devolved into a year-and-a-half’s worth of court battles over an equipment violation.

That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of Patriots fans that are unreasonably defensive. At the end of the day, the Patriots have been dominant for the better part of fifteen years. The cry of the “persecuted” New England fan deservedly falls on deaf ears.

Still, this tweet is glorious. ESPN has had a stranglehold on exclusive content for a very long time, and one-upping the World Wide Leader is still a very difficult thing to pull off. Kudos to @AdamMarko for seeing his shot and seizing the moment with everything he had. Patriots Nation thanks you.

Tanya Ray Fox

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