New Gatorade Ads Feature Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, Bizarre Premise

  • Rick Chandler

Peyton Manning wants to see you sweat before he’ll allow his convenience store employees to sell you Gatorade: that’s the premise of this series of commercials, which while odd, still gives us a glimpse of what Manning would be like if he had chosen to become a store manager instead of a football player. And we thank Gatorade for that.

“Listen, I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing …”

We don’t know either. But you know the old saying in advertising: if you can get a random guy to run receiving patterns in the aisle of a gas station convenience store, then your hidden-camera commercial is effective.

That’s Rob Belushi (son of Jim) as the convenience store clerk, and the ads, by Wieden & Kennedy, are directed by Jody Hill (“Eastbound and Down”).

OK, this one, featuring Cam Newton, makes me feel like all of these are scripted, and the “customers” are actors:

Well OK: if she’s an actor, she’s actually pretty good: