New Viking Matt Kalil Is Surrounded By Stunning Beauty

  • Eric Goldschein

Congratulations to Matt Kalil — your family is hot. And you’re the fourth overall pick of this year’s draft. You’re going to Minnesota, which can be chilly, so we advise bringing along your hot family.

Kalil’s girlfriend is Mary-Kate Fitzpatrick, a Miss California runner-up. So you knew she was going to be, at a minimum, pretty. But you can barely tell Mom and Sister apart — in a good way. Matt’s friends must have loved coming over for playdates after school.

Perhaps we need to take a second look, and third look, to confirm.

Yes, still a good-looking group of ladies.

The verdict is in: smokin’ hot family. The Kalil genes are truly something special, and it looks as though they will continue to create enormous, attractive people who make lots of money.

Caps by CJ Fogler.