The New York Post Reimagines The Jets As The World’s Saddest Clowns

  • Glenn Davis

We said it ourselves, New York Post. When “you” made a joke about the Jets’ offensive struggles that was actually a rehash of a gag that’s at least a decade old, we said we expected better from you, but also predicted you’d do something to win our hearts back soon enough. Well, today you released your NFL preview issue – and Post, you devil, you went and did it:

We’re back on board. Mostly because of the Jets. Yeah, the Giants driving by laughing with their Lombardis in Little Brother’s face adds something to it, but… the Jets. Maybe it’s the green, but we got an especially Krusty-ish vibe from Rex Ryan. And boy, these are really not happy clowns, are they? Then again, we guess they shouldn’t be, after the Jets struggled so mightily in the preseason.

And Tebow. Tebow gets his own paragraph. Tim Tebow, on this cover, is the greatest clown of all time. If Tebow ever actually went out in public in the clown outfit the Post’s design team rigged up for him there, we’re not sure we could ever make fun of him again. And if Tebow had been the surprise speaker at the Republican National Convention and had taken the stage wearing that… well, there’s no use thinking about it. Our world is not that beautiful. But it’s sufficiently beautiful to allow for a newspaper front page like this, and maybe that’s enough.

Your NFL preview comes tomorrow, Daily News. Boy, do you have your work cut out for you.

[Newseum via Will Brinson]