New York Post Wins Headline War In Wake Of Giants Debacle

  • Dan Fogarty

And we have a winner. The New York Post surprised absolutely no one by having the best/most ridiculous headline following the New York Giantshistoric bedcrapping against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. This, despite a surprising entry from the New York Times (the New York Times?!) and the always-strong Daily News.

The Post’s headline? “Giants Dog It.”

It works on a few different levels. First, there’s the obligatory allusion to Michael Vick‘s dogfighting past. This is well-tread territory for the Post, who absolutely loves to bring up the horrifying charges that sent Vick to jail for a year. Regardless of the outcome of yesterday’s game, they were figuring out some way to fit in a “dog” turn-of-phrase.

Next, there’s the photoshopped pooch heads on the Giants players. Can we talk about those for a second? Because those are just great. A chihuahua and an (obviously terrified) bulldog chase the elusive Vick, who will never be able to outrun his past mistakes (oh, how I love to over-analyze the extremely obvious messages of the New York Post!). Five stars.

[h/t Richard Deitsch]