New York Stripper Community Saddened By Loss Of Tim Tebow

  • Rick Chandler

As you know, Tim Tebow has been told by the Jets to pack up his crap and get out, and this has really distressed two groups of people: Facebook folks who have spent the day posting Bible verses, and strippers.

Yes, Rick’s Cabaret in New York has taken the opportunity to grab some free Tebow publicity one last time. You may recall that back when Tebow first joined the Jets, Rick’s offered Tebow a free lap dance. That invitation is still waiting at will call. Now with Tebow’s departure, Rick’s has issued this press release (via Busted Coverage):

“Tim Tebow is a religious guy and doesn’t go to strip clubs,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Chelsea. “I never met him, but I liked him even though he didn’t do much as a Jet. He was hard working and always in great shape. It’s a shame the Jets didn’t give him much of a chance.”

“We learned how to ‘Tebow,’ ” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Ava, “But the Jets stuck with Mark Sanchez so there wasn’t much to celebrate.”

“I’m sad that he’s no longer a Jet, but he will wind up somewhere else and hopefully get to play. If he does, his new team’s fans will love him,” predicted Rick’s Cabaret Girl Amber.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alexa said, “We all wish him good luck. Here are some photos–what memories, and what could have been!”

Wait, what photos? I don’t really know what she’s talking about, so here are some I found.

I never thought I’d live to type this, but Amber is right, actually. Wherever Tebow ends up, his fans will love him — and so will the local economy. Rick’s Cabaret made hay with Tebow, and the man never walked through their doors or acknowledged their existence. He may not be good to have around from a playing standpoint, but where the community is concerned, Tebow is pure gold.