The NFL Is Adding Two Playoff Teams, According To Dan Patrick (But Nobody Else)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

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Following last weekend’s awesome first round of the NFL playoffs, which assuredly saw ridiculous TV ratings, we’ve learned that the NFL reportedly “will” add a wild card playoff team in both conferences.

But… Dan Patrick is the only one reporting this. And he’s not usually an NFL story-breaker… news usually comes from Adam Schefter or someone like Jay Glazer. But Patrick is a smart, reliable guy in general, so it seems reasonable to think he knows what he’s talking about.

Of course, if there are an odd number of teams in the playoffs… something else had to change. My assumption: Only one team would get a bye in each conference. That would work. And it would give the NFL an extra game from which to scrounge TV ratings.

If the new system had been in place this year, I believe the Steelers and Cardinals would’ve made the playoffs. And the matchups would have been different, and possibly less appealing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is coupled with a “no automatic home field for division winners” amendment, but that’s just me speculating.

I’ve seen a lot of valid “if it ain’t broke” complaints on Twitter, but at the same time, are you really gonna complain about more football?