NFL Asking Artists To Pay To Perform At Super Bowl Halftime Show

  • Igor Mello

The NFL seems to get a little more ridiculous every single day. It’s a multibillion-dollar conglomerate for a reason. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that the league has been reportedly giving several artists a chance to pay to play at the Super Bowl halftime show.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Remember when the NFL tried to sue M.I.A. $1.5 billion for flipping the bird and mouthing, “I don’t give a shit” during her performance in 2012? They’re all about the money.

According to the report, Roger Goodell’s people have narrowed it’s list down to three performers: Katy Perry, Rihanna and Coldplay. Per the WSJ, the league asked at least one of the three “if they would consider contributing post-show tour revenue, or make another type of financial contribution.” The amount was obviously not made public, and it wasn’t “well-received.” I can’t imagine the NFL asking for small change, and the fact that they pissed someone off with their suggests backs up my argument.

Let’s hope they didn’t piss off Rihanna. She seems like the kind of person that would pay homage to Janet Jackson’s nip-slip of Super Bowl XXXVII. On the other hand, let’s hope they pissed off Coldplay, because to be quite honest, they’re just meh.

Photo via Getty