The Oakland Raiders Were Ripped Off In A Draft-Day Trade. Of Course They Were.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Oakland Raiders had the third pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. They traded it to the Miami Dolphins, who then selected Oregon linebacker Dion Jordan. The Raiders, as you know, suck a lot and have lots of needs, so the fact that they traded the pick was expected by many. Word before the draft was they liked Houston cornerback D.J. Hayden so much, they’d reach heavily for him and pick him at No. 3 if they couldn’t work out a trade to drop down and acquire extra picks. But they did find a trade! The Raiders did something right!

Except that they didn’t, because they were ripped off (by conventional metrics).

Miami sent the 12th and 42nd picks to Oakland for the third. Going by the traditional trade chart, that’s short of a fair deal by 520 points, or the value of the 38th pick in the draft.

So, by the standard draft pick trade value chart, the Raiders should’ve gotten an early second rounder in addition to what they received.

(Of course, there are reasons for this. One, the detail that they really wanted Hayden leaked before the draft. That lost them leverage. Two, everybody knew they wanted to trade, anyway. Three, this is widely regarded as a weak draft, with atypically inferior value at the top of the pool. The Raiders didn’t necessarily mess up, but they were victims of poor circumstance.)

Still, it’s funny when the Raiders get screwed over, even if it’s not necessarily their fault. Perhaps Al Davis’s omni(drafting incom)potence extends to the afterlife.


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