SportsGrid’s NFL Picks Vs. The ‘Experts’ Week 17: Bill Simmons Has Lost Almost 5,000 (Hypothetical) Dollars

  • Matt Rudnitsky

NFL Experts PicksEvery week, the SportsGrid staff will pick every single NFL game against the spread. We will compare ourselves to touted “expert” Pete Prisco, whom we truly believe is not an expert at the fine, difficult art of predicting football games. He has proved us right since Week 1.

But Bill Simmons, who wasn’t too awful before Week 7, somehow managed to sink below Prisco, with the worst record we’ve ever seen, 2-13. Since then, he’s slipped so far that he’s now BELOW our Cat On A Roomba, whom we truly believe is an expert, but sat in dead-last the entire season. Until now. We truly do appreciate that Simmons isn’t labeled an “expert,” though, like Prisco.

By these standards, a penny is something like a “super expert,” with a lifetime winning percentage of .500.

We’re not claiming to be experts. We’re just trying to have fun.

We’ve all done a good job proving my (obvious, yet somehow often not believed) point that NFL betting is incredibly hard, because ALL OF US (except myself, and our reader, @BorganMurrows!) would be down money if we had bet on each of these games. (If you bet all of Simmons’ picks to win $100, you’d be down $4,850.)

(And be sure to check out my betting feature with lengthy analysis for each game.)

The grid is a bit emptier this week, because I asked Rick and the cat to enter their picks on their day off, because I’m stupid. (Yet I’m in the lead in this contest, so everyone else must be even dumber.) Hopefully, I’ll add them in later. And, as usual, Simmons, a man who has no contact with us, didn’t provide his picks on time. STRANGE.

NFL Picks

UPDATE: The rest:

Rick Chandler: 118-116 (.504)

Panthers, Ravens, Washington, Jets, Jags, Steelers, Vikings, Titans, Chiefs, Cardinals, Rams, Bucs, Bears, Patriots, Raiders, Cowboys

Cat: 97-121 (.445)

Falcons, Bengals, Giants, Dolphins, Jags, Browns, Lions, Texans, Chargers, 49ers, Seahawks, Saints, Packers, Bills, Broncos, Eagles

Simmons: 100-135 (.426)

Notes: Point spreads are taken from sometime near the end of the week. They fluctuate, but we have to pick a number and stick with it.

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