SportsGrid’s NFL Picks Vs. The ‘Experts,’ Conference Championships: Pete Prisco Is So Bad, It’s Hilarious

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Pete PriscoThe SportsGrid staff has been picking NFL games against the spread all year long, against Pete Prisco, a reader, Bill Simmons and a Cat on a Roomba vacuum cleaner. We published the regular-season results a few weeks ago. Only one person made (hypothetical) money. Only two people finished above .500.

We aren’t doing much better in the playoffs. Bill Simmons isn’t included in the graphic, because he’s too cool to submit his picks on time. Then again, we don’t ask him to submit picks. He went 2-2 last week, after going 2-2 in the Wild Card Round. I’ll need a few days to confirm the math, but I estimate his playoffs record at 4-4 (.52747).

Here are our picks against the spread for the AFC and NFC Championship games. And… Rob Ford is back!

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NFL Experts Picks

There is bad, and then there are people that call themselves experts. Exhibit A: Pete Prisco.

Notes: Point spreads are taken from sometime near the end of the week. They fluctuate, but we have to pick a number and stick with it.

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