UPDATE: New York Newspapers Get Started Mocking New York Jets QB Michael Vick

  • Jake O'Donnell

In a day filled with surprises (Duke-Mercer, anyone?), the worst kept secret in football reared its ugly, awkwardly corn-rowed head. We’re not sure who the winner is here. Sanchez gets to leave the Jets (though he misses out on that $2 million bonus he’d have received on Tuesday). Vick gets paid (one year, $5 million). The Jets get a professional football player to reluctantly join their team (definitely an upgrade behind center). A win/win/win?

Not so fast…

Wouldn’t you know it, there’s already a controversy (gang green’s 2014 season is going to be great in that department). Vick has made it clear that he’ll need Geno Smith to cough up his jersey number. “Sup, I’m the new quarterback — gimme your shirt, bitch.” You can’t make this shit up.

[NJ.com] “Sources close to Vick tell us … Mike is very serious about rocking No. 7 next season, no matter which team signs him,” the site wrote. “Besides the fact he wore No. 7 in college and all throughout his pro career, Vick also has a clothing line called V7 — and he’s dead serious about sticking with his number. … We’re told the jersey situation is not an absolute dealbreaker — but it will be a “big issue” in negotiations.”

Wait, we just realized who wins in all this: The New York Post and Daily News.


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