NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Your Team Sucked Last Week, And They’ve Managed To Fall Even Further

  • Matt Rudnitsky

NFL Power Rankings

NFL Week 7 is over. NFL Week 8 is coming. Here are our Power Rankings in advance of this momentous occasion. The Carolina Panthers and San Diego Chargers rose. The Houston Texans fell about as far as one game can take you. Most teams stayed fairly stagnant.

Everybody that comments on these fails to understand that these rankings are not my rankings, or SportsGrid’s rankings, they are constructed very similarly to power ratings made by oddsmakers. These rankings are very similar to the ones that make point spreads. As I will reiterate all year, I’m not an expert, because nobody is an expert. These rankings are quite accurate, as they would suggest things like “the Giants are going to beat the Vikings on Monday Night, because as bad as both teams are, you fail to realize that there are degrees of sucktitude. So, calm down before you freak out.