NFL Rookie Discourages Texting And Driving With Rap-Dance PSA (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

In addition to an outstanding name, Chiefs rookie Dexter McCluster flashed some serious big-play ability when he returned a punt 94 yards for a touchdown against the Chargers last week. But his real claim to fame may yet prove to be his anti-texting-and-driving activism.

That’s because McCluster filmed an ad (which appears to take place at McCluster’s college stadium at Ole Miss) meant to counteract the practice – which, in all seriousness, you shouldn’t do, since texting seems like it would be even more distracting than talking on the phone – and his delivery is…interesting.

There’s rapping. There’s dancing. There’s general hilarity. McClusters seems to be enjoying himself/not taking himself too seriously…which is good, since no one else who has seen or will see this video will be taking him seriously, either.

On the one hand, you might wonder, “Will this really convince anyone not to text and drive?” On the other, “If you want to stay alive, don’t text and drive” paints a pretty bleak picture for what might happen if you do it…and it also reminds us a bit of “Be careful, or be roadkill.”

Video of McCluster’s ad below. As long as you’re not on the road, feel free to L-O-L.

H/T Jimmy Traina