NFL Star Mario Williams Does Not Appreciate Super-Mario-Related Taunts

  • Glenn Davis

Texans defensive end Mario Williams is a fine player, an unexpected #1 overall NFL draft pick in 2006, but production since that confirms he was the right choice. And with four sacks in two games, this season is shaping up as his best yet.

How do you contain a guy who’s 6-6, 290 and more athletic than most people who are 100 pounds or more lighter? Well, you can start by not making jokes comparing this Mario to video game icon Mario.

Opposing fans tried “talking mad smack,” as Williams awesomely put it, last weekend during the Texans’ 30-27 win over the Redskins – Williams responded to the tune of three sacks. What kind of mad smack, exactly? Take it away, Mario:

“People were yelling at me right behind us on the bench, asking, ‘Have I eaten my mushroom?’ I listen to fans, and they have to realize that the stuff they say gets taken out on their quarterback.”

It’s a good thing Williams takes it out on quarterbacks rather than, say, the fans who hurled the insults. That would be bad for the league’s image.

And furthermore, would fans really want Williams to eat a mushroom like it’s Super Mario Bros? Abilities mushrooms grant in Mario games range from increased size (imagine how much of a monster Williams would be if he got even bigger) to extra lives to the ability to move through walls – all abilities that would just make Williams even better.

Of course, there’s also the poison mushroom, so maybe that’s what Redskins fans were talking about. Or maybe we’re all being presumptuous about the Mario connection, and the fans really just wanted to know if Williams had gotten super high lately – though if we were Williams, we wouldn’t want fans probing about that, either.

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