NFL Super Bowl Odds Power Rankings: Bills' Odds Sour

Even with the Buffalo Bills still having the best odds to win the Super Bowl, they’ve continued downward, and oddsmakers have noticed.

Below are the top ten favorites to win the Super Bowl from the FanDuel Sportsbook.

1. Buffalo Bills +400 (Last week: +380, #1)

The Bills were snowed out of Buffalo last weekend, but they took their talents to the neutral site of Detroit and defeated the Cleveland Browns 31-23, yet they still saw their odds drop from +380 to +400. 

2. Kansas City Chiefs +470 (Last week: +500, #2)

Another impressive late game-winning drive from Patrick Mahomes and company helped propel the Kansas City Chiefs to a victory over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 11. 

3. Philadelphia Eagles +550 (Last week: +600, #3)

The Philadelphia Eagles play over the last two weeks hasn’t been pretty, but they were able to come from behind in Indianapolis and take the Colts, leading to a slight change in their odds from +600 to +550. 

4. San Francisco 49ers +700 (Last week: +800, #4)

Lately, it’s hard to find a team that’s been more impressive than the San Francisco 49ers, who appear ready to make a charge for the NFC West division crown and a deep playoff run. 

5. Dallas Cowboys +1000 (Last week: +1500, #7)

After blowing out the 8-1 Minnesota Vikings 40-3 in Week 11, the Dallas Cowboys have seen their Super Bowl odds bet down from +1500 to +1000, jumping into the top five shortest odds. 

6. Baltimore Ravens +1200 (Last week: +1300, #6)

There wasn’t much to be impressed about in the Baltimore Ravens’ Week 11 victory over the Carolina Panthers, but they still sit atop the AFC North and are a threat to win the Super Bowl. 

7. (Tie) Minnesota Vikings +1700 (Last week: +1100, #5)

It wasn’t an ideal showing from the Minnesota Vikings when they got blown out on their home turf at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys, unsurprisingly one week after they had their biggest win over the Buffalo Bills. 

7. (Tie) Miami Dolphins +1700 (Last week: +1700, #9) 

Nothing has changed over the last week with the Miami Dolphins, who’re coming off a bye and still are sitting atop the AFC East. Is it sustainable for them to keep that position? Time will tell. 

7. (Tie) Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1700 (Last week: +1700, #8)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to sit atop the NFC South, and it appears they’ve found something in November because they seem to be headed on the right track. 

10. Cincinnati Bengals +2500 (Last week: +2800, #10)

It’s never a bad week when you lay a beatdown on another AFC North rival, which is what the Cincinnati Bengals did to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 11 action. 

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Super Bowl Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

Team Odds
Buffalo Bills 400
Kansas City Chiefs 470
Philadelphia Eagles 550
San Francisco 49ers 700
Dallas Cowboys 1000
Baltimore Ravens 1200
Minnesota Vikings 1700
Miami Dolphins 1700
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1700
Cincinnati Bengals 2500
Tennessee Titans 2700
Los Angeles Chargers 4100
Seattle Seahawks 5000
New England Patriots 6500
New York Giants 7500
New York Jets 10000
Washington Commanders 11000
Green Bay Packers 13000
New Orleans Saints 13000
Atlanta Falcons 13000
Detroit Lions 15000
Los Angeles Rams 21000
Jacksonville Jaguars 21000
Arizona Cardinals 22000
Cleveland Browns 22000
Indianapolis Colts 25000
Las Vegas Raiders 28000
Carolina Panthers 55000
Denver Broncos 55000
Pittsburgh Steelers 75000
Chicago Bears 100000
Houston Texans 100000