NFL Super Bowl Odds Power Rankings: Chiefs Hold Top Spot

The Kansas City Chiefs have continued to be one of the NFL’s most consistent franchises, and they find themselves as the Super Bowl favorites entering Week 18.

Below are the top ten favorites to win the Super Bowl from the FanDuel Sportsbook.

1. Kansas City Chiefs +380 (Last week: +500, #3)

The standard in the AFC over the last half decade has been the Kansas City Chiefs, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon after picking up their fourth straight win and seeing their Super Bowl odds bet down to +380. 

2. Buffalo Bills +420 (Last week: +350, #1)

There’s some uncertainty surrounding what will happen with the Buffalo Bills game against the Cincinnati Bengals. However, all signs still point to the team having a home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. 

3. (Tie) Philadelphia Eagles +550 (Last week: +460, #2)

The Philadelphia Eagles picked the worse time to lose two straight games. Jalen Hurts is proving to be much more than a system quarterback, and his value can’t be understated when considering their Super Bowl odds. 

3. (Tie) San Francisco 49ers +550 (Last week: +700, #4)

There isn’t a hotter team in the NFL right now than the San Francisco 49ers, who’ve won nine straight games and still have a shot at the NFC’s top seed. As a result, they’ve seen their Super Bowl odds move from +700 to +550. 

5. Cincinnati Bengals +750 (Last week: +750, #5)

With a victory over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 18, the Cincinnati Bengals will find themselves again on top in the AFC North. The Bengals continue to be one of the NFL’s hottest teams down the stretch. 

6. Dallas Cowboys +1100 (Last week: +1100, #6)

The Dallas Cowboys still have their eyes set on the NFC East and can capture that if they defeat Washington in Week 18, along with the Philadelphia Eagles losing to the New York Giants. 

7. (Tie) Los Angeles Chargers +2500 (Last week: +2900, #9) 

One team worth keeping an eye on is the Los Angeles Chargers, who’ve quietly won four straight games and appear to be getting much healthier at the right time. The Chargers have seen their Super Bowl odds bet down from +2900 to +2500. 

7. (Tie) Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2500 (Last week: +3100, #10)

After clinching the NFC South with a victory over the Carolina Panthers, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have seen their Super Bowl odds move from +3100 to +2500. 

9. (Tie) Minnesota Vikings +3000 (Last week: +2100, #7)

The Minnesota Vikings got their doors blown off by the Green Bay Packers in Week 17, and there are continued question marks about whether this team is as good as their record shows. 

9. (Tie) Baltimore Ravens +3000 (Last week: +2400, #8)

It’s difficult to know what the Baltimore Ravens are without Lamar Jackson in the pocket. With uncertainties surrounding his health heading into the playoffs, it’s no surprise they’ve seen their Super Bowl odds drop from +2400 to +3000. 

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Super Bowl Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

Team Odds
Kansas City Chiefs 380
Buffalo Bills 420
Philadelphia Eagles 550
San Francisco 49ers 550
Cincinnati Bengals 750
Dallas Cowboys 1100
Los Angeles Chargers 2500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2500
Minnesota Vikings 3000
Baltimore Ravens 3000
Green Bay Packers 3100
Jacksonville Jaguars 4800
New York Giants 4800
Miami Dolphins 8500
Detroit Lions 12000
Seattle Seahawks 13000
Tennessee Titans 15000
New England Patriots 15000
Pittsburgh Steelers 36000