NFL Super Bowl Odds Power Rankings: Chiefs See Odds Uptick

There hasn’t been much to love about the Buffalo Bills lately, leaving room for the Kansas City Chiefs to continue rising up the odds rankings.

Below are the top ten favorites to win the Super Bowl from the FanDuel Sportsbook.

1. Buffalo Bills +380 (Last week: +330, #1)

The Buffalo Bills have shown some weakness recently, falling in overtime to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday and leading to a slight odds shift from +330 to +380. 

2. Kansas City Chiefs +500 (Last week: +550, #3)

There’s been a lot of consistency from the Kansas City Chiefs after they suffered a loss to the Bills, leading to them having another quality victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars and closing the odds gap in the process. 

3. Philadelphia Eagles +600 (Last week: +500, #2)

The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t have much go right when they suffered their first loss to the Washington Commanders, leading to their odds falling from +500 to +600. 

4. San Francisco 49ers +800 (Last week: +1200, #4)

One team that has been consistently bet down lately has been the San Francisco 49ers. That trend continued with their odds climbing from +1200 to +800 after a victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. 

5. Minnesota Vikings +1100 (Last week: +1600, #7)

A statement victory over the Buffalo Bills in Week 10 has seen the Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl odds bet down from +1600 to +1100. Does this win prove that the Vikings are legit contenders?

6. Baltimore Ravens +1300 (Last week: +1200, #3)

The Baltimore Ravens are coming off a bye week and won’t see a challenging matchup in their return to the field this week, hosting the lowly Carolina Panthers. 

7. Dallas Cowboys +1500 (Last week: +1300, #6)

It wasn’t a detrimental loss, but there were some concerns about the Dallas Cowboys blowing a fourth-quarter lead in Green Bay and falling to the Packers in overtime. 

8. (Tie) Miami Dolphins +1700 (Last week: +2100, #9) 

Another blowout victory for the Miami Dolphins over the Cleveland Browns helped affirm the team as a contender. In addition, their Super Bowl odds were bet down from +2100 to +1700. 

8. (Tie) Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1700 (Last week: +1900, #8)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have played some solid football over the last two weeks, and the NFC South is there for the taking, so don’t be surprised if the team goes on a second-half run. 

9. (Tie) Cincinnati Bengals +2800 (Last week: +2800, #10)

There were no changes for the Cincinnati Bengals through their bye week in terms of their Super Bowl odds, but as the team gets healthier and builds chemistry on their offensive line, there’s no doubt they can go on another playoff run. 

9. (Tie) Tennessee Titans +2800 (Last week: +3700, unranked)

The Tennessee Titans have shown us that they can compete with some of the best teams in the NFL, and they’ve finally cracked the top ten in this odds ranking after seeing some positive line movement from +3700 to +2800. 

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Super Bowl Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

Team Odds
Buffalo Bills 380
Kansas City Chiefs 500
Philadelphia Eagles 600
San Francisco 49ers 800
Minnesota Vikings 1100
Baltimore Ravens 1300
Dallas Cowboys 1500
Miami Dolphins 1700
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1700
Cincinnati Bengals 2800
Tennessee Titans 2800
Los Angeles Chargers 3400
Seattle Seahawks 5000
New England Patriots 6000
New York Giants 6000
New York Jets 6000
Green Bay Packers 7500
Washington Commanders 12000
Cleveland Browns 12000
Los Angeles Rams 14000
Arizona Cardinals 15000
New Orleans Saints 15000
Atlanta Falcons 16000
Denver Broncos 18000
Jacksonville Jaguars 21000
Indianapolis Colts 24000
Las Vegas Raiders 31000
Detroit Lions 39000
Carolina Panthers 45000
Pittsburgh Steelers 55000
Chicago Bears 85000
Houston Texans 100000