NFL Week 15 Power Rankings: The Cowboys Barely Moved And The Seahawks Are Still In First

  • Matt Rudnitsky

NFL Power Rankings

Our Week 15 NFL Power Rankings are here. The Seattle Seahawks lost to the San Francisco 49ers… so they dropped out of the top spot, right? And the Denver Broncos beat the Tennessee Titans by a lot, so they move up too! And the New England Patriots almost lost… so they suck!

(That’s not how these Power Rankings work. It is how many Power Rankings work, however.)

These rankings are based mainly on betting odds, approximating the power ratings made by oddsmakers. One game typically has a fairly small effect on the numbers, as numbers do not fall prey to recency bias. So, understand that these rankings are not my rankings, nor are they SportsGrid’s rankings. These rankings are very similar to the ones that make point spreads. As I will reiterate all year, I’m not an expert, because nobody is an expert.

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