SportsGrid’s Week 2 NFL Picks: Last Week, Pete Prisco Was Putrid, Bill Simmons Was Bad, And SportsGrid Was All Over The Place

  • Matt Rudnitsky

NFL Picks Experts ResultsEvery week, the SportsGrid staff will pick every single NFL game against the spread. As explained last week, this is done for three reasons:

1) Expose “experts” (mainly Pete Prisco) as non-experts. We’re off to a good start, with Prisco at a solid 4-12-1! (There was one tie last week, so we are just ignoring it in the records.)

2) To have fun and give you our picks without acting like we are “experts.” Eric and I started out great, Rick was OK, and Jake was bad. It’s a long season. We’ll probably all suck.

3) To showcase our cat on a roomba, who is certainly an expert and will be appearing on ESPN soon. Though he oddly didn’t hand in his Pats/Jets pick on time. We’re harsh, so that’s a big-fat LOSS.

Right now, we also included Bill Simmons. We’re open to suggestions. Simmons doesn’t call himself an “expert,” so we aren’t being mean by including him; we just want to show you how hard it is to pick NFL games against the spread. He also loves waiting to publish his picks, so his column is mostly empty. We’ll update it.

Here are our NFL Week 2 picks.

Notes: Point spreads are taken from sometime near the end of the week. They fluctuate, but we have to pick a number, and we do. Also, yes, the Pats/Jets game happened already, but everybody had their picks in by then. Mine, Prisco’s and Simmons’ were published, and the others emailed me their picks in time. I swear.

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