NFL Will Not Resume Postponed Game Between Bills & Bengals

The NFL is not expected to resume the Week 17 matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals, per the Associated Press.

Now that we are thankfully getting positive word on the health of Damar Hamlin, the logistics are moving front and center. This always felt like the expected outcome with such a packed schedule lying ahead between Week 18 and the Wild Card round. It leaves the league to figure out how to determine the AFC’s top seed since Monday night’s game was a massive player in sorting it out. There have been rumors floating about adding an extra team to the playoffs in each conference or even having a neutral-site AFC Championship game. While these feel unlikely, the NFL will have to make some announcements to determine how we move forward from such an odd circumstance.

And for those holding out for their fantasy championship comebacks, we send our condolences.

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