Nick Foles (Probably) Got Engaged To This Attractive Ex-Arizona Volleyball Player

  • Matt Rudnitsky

This morning, Barstool published an email from a reader saying that Nick Foles got engaged to Tori Moore, a former Arizona volleyball player (we already knew that Foles went to ‘Zona and was dating Moore). But it was just an email. Later, though, useless rumor became believable rumor through the airtight reporting that is: screenshots of social media. An (alleged) Instagram photo is our current evidence.

That is Moore’s Instagram name, so it seems pretty legit. But her account is private, so we can’t currently confirm. Busted Coverage is running with it too. Always be skeptical with this sort of thing — it’s really easy to make fake social-media stuff — but, it seems fairly legit.

And because Foles seems like an old-fashioned man, we’ll just have to wait until actual reporters ask him a question, for once. Weird. What is this, 2009?

And since we’re going with the whole Internet rumor thing, here’s a completely unsubstantiated rumor about Nick Foles having “the biggest dick you’ve ever seen!” “Had to fold it up to get it in a cup.” Hopefully Foles Penis in a Cup will not be on the wedding’s open bar menu.

Without further ado, meet (maybe) the future Mrs. Foles, Tori Moore!