Nick Mangold Got His Chest Hair Ripped Out On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

  • Glenn Davis

Every so often, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon does a segment called “Wax On, Wax Off.” In it, an audience member is asked a set of trivia questions to win money. That part of it is straightforward. The part where the audience member gets their chest hair ripped off if they (and by “they” we mean the designated audience member brought in to answer the intentionally incredibly difficult questions for the would-be chest waxee) miss a question? Not so straightforward.

Yet even with that harsh penalty and seemingly-impossible avoidance of said penalty, people willingly do it – and the latest to sign up for the potential pain was Jets center Nick Mangold, who played last night. He seemed to have a bit of a “What the hell did I get myself into?” look as he was rolled out. Understandable, considering he was basically signing up to experience pain in front of a TV audience. And experience pain he did:

In fairness to the process of chest-waxing, based on Mangold’s facial expression, the anticipation might be worse than the actual act. And Mangold became very, very familiar with the actual act:

There you have it – even gigantic NFL players are far from immune to the pain of getting one’s chest waxed. (Also, uh, maybe the anticipation isn’t actually worse than the waxing.) Nick Mangold is one hell of a good sport, and Steve Carell’s acting has never looked more courageous. At least the penalties for wrong answers weren’t this severe.