Um…Did CBS Show Chargers Kicker Nick Novak Peeing On The Sideline?

  • Glenn Davis

The San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos went to overtime today after the Chargers failed to drive down the field for a potential game-winning field goal. Had they succeeded in driving, that field goal attempt would have come off the foot of Nick Novak.

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Because he was of such potential importance in the game, the CBS announcers got to talking about him, and the TV cameras focused in on Novak on the sideline. Only he wasn’t warming up, as kickers so often are when they’re shown on the sideline before potentially important kicks. No, Novak appeared to be performing a much more basic human function:

…We mean peeing. Novak was peeing, and for some reason, TV cameras showed him doing said peeing. We’re not sure exactly why CBS was so desperate to get a visual of Novak while announcers were discussing him that they showed him peeing, but needless to say, we’re overjoyed they did.

H/T Tom; video by CJ Fogler.