A Football Fan Is Suing The NFL For Making It So Damn Hard To Get Super Bowl Tickets

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Roger Goodell Do Not Serve SignAny reasonable NFL fan thinks it’s bullshit that the general public has minimal access to Super Bowl tickets, being forced to pay exorbitant prices for the few that are available on the secondary market. It’s a situation unique to the Super Bowl. It’s bullshit. There’s no other word to describe it.

But nobody has ever done anything about it. A heroic man from New Jersey now has. He’s suing the NFL:

Josh Finkelman of New Brunswick has filed a class action lawsuit in federal court alleging the NFL and its member teams violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act by splitting the estimated 80,000 tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII between the league, its 32 teams and the two host teams.

(“Of course! A Jew!” – Dozens of bigoted commenters, soon.) (It’s OK, I’m Jewish!)

Only 1 percent of the tickets are made available to the general public through a national lottery, according to the claim. The league’s policy forces fans to the secondary market, where they pay substantially more than face value.

And not only are fans forced to pay substantially more than face value, but they’re forced to pay substantially more than the over-face-value price they’d pay if more tickets were available to the public. Supply and demand, yo.

According to the complaint, Finkelman spent $4,000 for two tickets to the game, to be played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford on Feb. 2. The prices “was far in excess of the face value of the tickets,” the lawsuit claims.

And they’re probably shitty seats.

An NFL spokesman had no comment. The lawsuit seeks “treble damages and attorney’s fees… and any other damages deemed just and proper by the court.”

I’m no lawyer, but I doubt he’ll win. Roger Goodell and his moneybags are undefeated, and they are a formidable foe. Still, anyone willing to take him on is a hero in our eyes.


Thanks to Eater.com for the awesome photo