No Direction Home; Chargers Decision To Stay Only Makes Things Worse

  • Geoff Magliocchetti

As the famous song dictates, breaking up is hard to do.

The National Football League franchise known as the Chargers have spent much of recent history trying to end things with their significant other, the city of San Diego. And for awhile, it really did look like relationship, which had spanned over five decades, was over. The Chargers would tell anyone who would listen that the city was unable to fulfill their deep (football) desires, and fully flaunted a new (polygamous) relationship with the city of Los Angeles.

But then, something awkward happened…the arrangement the Chargers had with the “other guy”, the Oakland Raiders, fell through, and another poor sap trying to get through a breakup, the St. Louis Rams, swooped in and swept Lady Los Angeles off her feet.

The Chargers’ desires for an LA threesome are still in place, with the team recently working out a deal with the Rams to share the area should they not be able to arrange a long term solution with their “ex”…San Diego, where the Chargers indeed will play the 2016 season.

But when you spend the entire year tearing that city down, how can you expect the city and its people to turn out for what is basically a lame duck franchise?

Ron Burgundy was better received in the city after his infamous declaration that the city should do an unspeakable act to itself. In what many described as their final year in the city, fans were more or less indifferent. A mediocre on-field product didn’t help matters, as they ranked 22nd in attendance in 2015. Combine that with the fact that the Chargers still play in the outdated Qualcomm Stadium, with the city unwilling to have taxpayer dollars’ fully fund a new football-only stadium, and its understandable from a business standpoint why the Bolts want to go to LA.

However, in an almost sickening twist, even the City of Angels doesn’t want them.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, speaking after the Rams returned to LA, more or less flat out told the Chargers they were unwelcome, saying “We’d welcome any team to come here, but I love the idea of a great rivalry to the south,” while adding “we wish them luck”.

Translation: We have one mediocre football team to worry about, please don’t make it two.

As a result the 2016 Chargers will spend what’s expected to be another lame duck season in San Diego. You can make a case that the Oakland Raiders are basically doing the same thing, but let’s face it, those people are used to the Davis family’s antics, as they’ve already left the city once and have been trying to do it again ever since they returned. The Chargers have called San Diego home for over five decades, however, and it would be a major blow to see them go.

With no one coming out to support the team in lame duck status and Los Angeles rolling their eyes at the idea of taking them in, the big solution now is too work out a long term deal with San Diego to put a new stadium in the area. Ideally, they find some sort of compromise and remain in the area for years to come.

But, as Chargers fans, will probably point out, Ryan Leaf, ideally, would’ve worked out at quarterbacks as well.

Geoff Magliocchetti think if the Chargers do move to LA, they should adopt the name LA Golds. Let me know you understood this reference on Twitter @GeoffMags5490.